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A link to the 2016 Rogue 24 Results is here.
A link to the 2016 Rogue 6 Results is here.


A collection of reports from the race can be found here.  Send your reports to and I’ll post them up.


Progressive results from the race as teams move through each stage, including cumulative score and times will be posted here on race day.


The actual race maps and course instructions used by competitors will be available here after map handout on the morning of the race.

24 Hour Course
2016 Rogue24 Course Information Sheet

  • Map 12016 Rogue24 Map 1 1to40000
  • Map 22016 Rogue24 Map 2 1to40000
  • Map 32016 Rogue24 Map 3 1to30000
  • Map 42016 Rogue24 Map 4 1to30000

6 Hour Course
2016 Rogue6 Course Information Sheet

  • Map 12016 Rogue6 Map 1 1to25000


The full team list for the 24hr race can be viewed here.
The full team list for the 6hr race can be viewed here..

2014 Rogue24 Course Preview 10PHOTOS

Photos from course scouting can be viewed here.
Photos from race day courtesy of Erren Sieders can be found here.


For more news from the course, jump over to the Rogue Facebook Page.  We’ll be posting live updates live from the race as teams progress through the course.


Noon.  All teams are back, finished, results announced and prizes awarded.

8:02am.  The Lost Boys are the first team back from Stages 5 and 6 and are in good spirits.  They are off the Lake Manchester Stage 7 kayak.

7:40am. Footage of one of our 6hr teams having a bit of trouble at the start of the kayak leg yesterday.

7:23AM.  More news on team 43’s escapades on the first bike leg.  They turned the wrong direction on Mt Nebo Rd and cycled until they reached a set of traffic lights.  The only set of lights is about 20km off the map in The Gap.  It would have been a fun ride down and a long ride back – it does explain their 10.5 hour time for that leg though.

7:12am.  A progress update on the teams.  All but one team has returned from the Stage 3 bike leg – Spirit of ANZAC (40).  We will try and track down this team again.  A number to teams either opted to not do the Brisbane River paddle or missed the cut off, but the majority of teams are on the Stage 6 trek after this river paddle.  We’ve had 3 teams call it a day: Pottles, Braking Badly and Mad-Mave-Torpedo (although Thor from this last team is continuing on the course unranked with Jon).  There have been two DNFs: FollowTheSpiders and GWTiger.

5:24am.  The left over pizza from the 6 hr race has been a hit with teams coming through HQ.  BMX Bandits were particular fans.

5:20am.  Team 40 have returned to HQ from the Stage 4 trek having not been able to find the Brisbane River.  They seemed pretty tired.  As such they have missed the paddle leg and will change their game plan.

5:16am.  Team 38 Tiger Onesies/Brogaine are back from Stage 3!  They were able to borrow Shaun’s bike for a much easier ride home.  They plan to pick up the Stage 4 trek CPs after a short sleep and then sweep the Stage 7 lake paddle at about 8:30am.

4:48am.  All teams have finished Stage 2 some time ago.  Currently teams are spread across Stages 3, 4, 5 and 6.  No specific news from the course, but hopefully we should get more updates from the river transition areas and photos from Northbrook as volunteers and teams role back into HQ.  Coms have been difficult with poor reception on some areas of the course.

3:46am.  Team 49 are the second team off the stage 5 paddle at 3:15am.

3:37am.  All but 9 teams through the HQ transition area. Leaderboard has had a major update.  The BMX Bandits are leading on the score but Team Explore are leading on points per minute, so it’s an interesting battle for the lead.  Let’s see how the different strategies play out.  BMX Bandits report having 3 punctures.

2:34am. Teams 36 and 46 are heading down to the kayaking.

2:23am. Team 43 are at TA22 after 15 hours on the bikes (as well as off the bikes pushing them up big hills).

2:07am. Team 4 head off to the kayak. 2:06am. Team 3 are back from the bike.

2:02am. Team 12 have headed off to the kayaks.

2:01am. Team 27 have arrived back requesting coke.  Sorry, looks like we are all out, but we do have some lemonade. 1:52am. Team 37 has headed off to the Kayaking.

1:38am. Team 31 (Brad and Dave) said they have found a few small hills during the bike ride, but I think they are looking forward to not being on the bike.

1:33am. Teams 7 and 12 have arrived back at Headquarters after the bike legs.

1:26am. Paul and Darren from Team 45 have headed down to the kayaks.  Let’s see if they can maintain their lead. 1:24am. Teams 36 and 46 have arrived back from the ride.

1:18am.  We have a report from TA22 that team 43 is almost there.

1:15am.  Teams 26 and 4 have set course for the kayaking. 1:09am. Team 45 – Team Explore (Paul Elby and Darren Smith) have arrived back at Headquarters after stage 3 with a huge 1580 points. Not only is this the best score so far, it is much greater points per minute than every other team.  Paul and Darren have certainly put their marker on the race, we will see what the other teams can do.

1:07am. Team 1 have left Headquarters for the paddle. 1:00am. The scoreboard has taken an interesting twist.  Area 51 (hot favourites after winning last year), have the highest score so far after Stage 3.  However Team 14 (Rob Garden and Marquita Gelderman) actually are scoring more points per minute. We will need to keep and eye on this.

12:57am  Thor (Team 16) and Jon (new partner after Linda pulled out sick), are through TA41.

12:51am.  Team 21 (Kevin Smith and Craig Sleeman) have decided to call it a night and head back to Toowoomba.  Here’s hoping the volunteers from Team Mojo (not racing) can take their gear box back to Toowoomba for them.

12:48pm.  Teams 1 and 4 are back.  Paul and Matt (Team 4) picked up a hitchhiker on the way back in the form of Trevor Mullens (Team 41), whose teammate Shaun Jackson has stayed up at TA22 to be brought back to HeadQuarters with them.

12:30am. Team 26 is back from the bike leg with a broken de-railer. All are well and spirits are high, especially since there are no more bike legs.

12:25 pm. Team  29 is looking forward to splashing some cold water on each other with a paddle.

12:15.  The BOM thinks the temperature is around 17 degrees.  Derek disagrees and thinks it is about 15.  Linda (from Townsville) thinks it is around negative 5.

12:08am. Team 14 is off to explore the Brisbane River. 12:04am. Team 11 is going down for a paddle.

11:59pm. Team 50 lost a team member several days ago and is now racing with Team 20.  They are heading down to the kayaks.  Not sure how 3 people will go in the two person kayaks, but I guess we will find out.

11:55pm. Team 19 has gone to the kayaks.

11:36pm. Teams 14,19, 20 and 50 are back at Headquarters with some good scores.  Our Leaderboard has all the latest results.

11:15pm.  Teams 11 and 29 have arrived back at Headquarters.  Teams 8 and 47 have headed off to the kayaks.

10:41pm. Teams 47 and 8 (Tri Adventure) are back in Headquarters after Stage 3.  All are tired, but fine.

10:10pm. Team 21 have cycled back to Headquarters.  Neither of them are feeling crash hot.  They will have a little rest and see how they go. Team 49 (Pottles) have headed off to kayak down the Brisbane River.

9:30pm.  Response from team #43 Spirit of ANZAC Tiger Adventure to our concerned text messages on their absence on the course: “So does that mean we are in the lead?”.

9:27pm.  We’ve had contact with team #43.  They’ve had a puncture and took a wrong turn.  They are on their way to TA22 now.  10.5 hours in, that’s a picture of perseverance.

9:20pm.  Shaun from team #41 GWTiger is pulling out sick at TA22.  Trev is riding back to HQ with another team 44, Paul and Matt from Wild Geese Chasing Time.  Matt has also been vomiting but is pushing on.

9:01pm.  The first team from the 24hr course are back from stages 1-3.  Team Pottles did not collect any CPs from the Northbrook trek but have been on the bikes for 10 hours.  They are going to refuel before trekking down to the river to hit the boats.  In very good spirits although they did say they accidently rode past a CP and couldn’t be bothered going back to get it.  We will be able to start updating the leaderboard now here.

8:57pm.  Message from Team Brioche: “Liam, your a bastard.”

8:56pm.  Half the teams back from the Northbrook trek.  Team 43 has not shown up at the TA on their bikes and we are trying to track them down.

8:26pm.  Image from the 6hr race today.

Lake Manchester

8:18pm.  With the rush of the 6hour teams now over, and with teams due to make their way back through HQ after stages 1, 2 and 3, we should hopefully be able to get out more news and photos from the course.

8:16pm.  Team 16- Mad-Mave-Torpedo: Thor is continuing on the course as an unranked team with her partner John with the intention of sweeping the remaining course as training for XPD.  I could tell John was really looking forward to the two upcoming paddle legs.

8:14pm.  Team 1 – ARea51, former two time winners back off the Northbrook trek.  Heading back towards HQ now on their bikes.

Russ and Shaun

7:53pm. Team 41 – GWTiger is resting at TA22.  Shaun has been quite sick, however they are taking a rest and going to persevere through the course. 7:45pm. Last years winners Area51 have   finished the second stage, and are heading back to Headquarters.  Twelve teams have left T22 heading back down the mountain

6:05pm.  Team 30 (John and Bernard) have pulled out due to sickness. Both are safe and well.  Bernard is up at TA22 being looked after by the volunteers, John has come back to Headquarters to get a car and pick him up.

6:01pm. 6 Hour race results are up.  2016 Rogue6 Results 5:50pm. 6 Hour race has finished, and the Winners were Mountain Designs; Gary Sutherland and Ray Deetlefs.  Congratulations on your great victory. Full Results up soon.

3:55pm.  Team 38 (with no bike deraileur) reached TA22 at the top of the hill about half an hour ago.  The tow ropes are still holding. 2:57pm.  6 hour course teams are spread out over all three disciplines.

2:55pm. 20 teams from the 24 hour course have reached TA22 and are out on the hike.

2:30pm. Gary Sutherland reported that he loved the new kayaks. 8km per hour.

2:26pm. Team 16 has safely returned to Headquarters after things didn’t go as planned.

2:07pm. Video of the start.

11:40am. Ray Deetlefs

and Gary Sutherland have finished their first leg in the 6 hour.  They have cleared all the trekking check points to the west of the Headquarters.

11:30am.  Team 38 are back on the road.  Bike is now single speed, and chain will not be happy as when the dual suspension triggers the loads will be tough, but they have borrowed some bungee cords to use as a tow.

11:10am.  The work on the bike progresses. Broken Derailer

11:07am.  Team 38 have not had the best start to the race.  Broken deraileur .  We are attempting a fix.

11:05am.  Racing has started.  Video’s and pictures coming.

10:50am. Race Briefing is underway. 9:50am.  All maps to both 24 and 6 hour races have been handed out.  Teams are madly planning their routes.

9:40am. Ross McKinnon from Out for a laugh (6hr) has discovered a leak in his hydraulic brake fluid pipes. But he has decided to persevere, who needs front brakes anyway.


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