Rogue12 Adventuregaine Live Site

The Rogue12 Adventuregaine site is set to go live at 7:30am on Saturday April 28th. We’ll be uploading content including race maps, links to the GPS tracking of 12hr teams, photos and up-to-date progress reports on teams, so make sure to forward this link to family and friends prior to the race so they can follow the action from home.

Content will also be updated on the Rogue Adventure FaceBook page here.

  • Wednesday. 3:00pm. Final team list is attached. Check out the competition: Final Team List
  • Thursday. 2:00pm. Race director’s pick of the contenders for the title can be found here.
  • Saturday. 4:30am. Looks like it could be a wet one!
  • 5:00am. Have any questions through the day? Fire them down in the comments section below and we’ll do our best to answer them.
  • 8:15am: Live tracking is up! The link can be found here. Make sure to switch on the KML file option. More details on the 12hr course to be revealed soon.
  • 8:30am: 12hr Course, Map1 available here: Rogue Map 1
  • 8:35am: 12hr Course, Map2 available here: Rogue Map 2
  • 9:00: Teams have started the 12 hour race with a short trek to reach the start of the paddle.
  • 9:01: Oops, looks like someone forgot something.
  • 10:30: 6 hr course. Map available here. Rogue Map 3
  • 12:30: Mountain Designs have skipped CP8, worth 70 points. T’hey have saved 5km of running and have obviously decided the course is not clearable. Time will tell if they have made the right decision.
  • 12:40: Team Beans (Brett Stevens, Leo Theoharris) have headed up to CP8. They must be feeling confident.
  • Some teams have picked up CP 5 (40 points) and some have not. This is a key strategic decision. If they want to clear the course, they need to get it, but is this course clearable?
  • Spin City Cycles are leading the charge, but they have dropped two trekking checkpoints. Smart, or a mistake?
  • Correction to Track Me Live. Team 18 is The Coasties (Kirk jackson, Mat Stewart), and are going really well. They are coming second and only missed two trekking checkpoint.
  • Make sure you click on “Load KML on map” to see where all the Check Points are.
  • A lot of the trackers aren’t working well in the second kayak leg.

TA 22. The end of the kayak. 1240 points available to this point. Updated (unverified) scores:

  1. Team 16, Team Mountain Designs. (Gary Sutherland, Ray Deetlefs). Arrived 2:10. 1170 Points.
  2. Team 13, RUSH Spin City Cycles (Russel Stringer, Shaun Lauder). Arrived 2:13. 1140 Points.
  3. Team 28, Bish Bash Bosh (Patrick Meldrum, Howard McCann). Arrived 2:33pm. 1100 Points.
  4. Team 41, Miss Behaving (Debbie Harksen, Tony Bowman). Arrived 2:42pm. 1080 Points.
  5. Team 10, Off the Map (Trevour Pitt, Luke Goodfellow). Arrived 2:51pm. 1070 Points.
  6. Team 11, Redmuz (Lyle Vinter, Steven Musgrove). Arrived 3:34. 1070 Points.
  7. Team 14, Team Adventure 1K (Guy Andrews, Matt Thornton). Arrived 2:34pm. 1060 Points.
  8. Team 18, The Coasties (Kirk Jackson, Mat Stewart). Arrived 2:13pm. 1050 Points.
  9. Team 38, Cold Hard Power (Adam Power, Debbie Hard). Arrived 3:31pm. 1050 Points.
  10. Team 32 Dean & Paul (Paul Navarro, Sean James). Arrived 3:02pm. 1040 Points.
  11. Team 17, The Beans (Brett Stevens, Leo Theoharis). Arrived 2:09pm. 1020 Points.
  12. Team 6, FC99 (Ged McLeod, Francois Potgieter). Arrived 2:29pm. 1020 Points.
  13. Team 5, Dude Where’s my Bike? (Damien Collins, Cameron Smith). Arrived 3:09pm. 1000 Points.
  14. Team 23, Wild Geese Chasers (Paul Melloy, Andrew Dobinson). Arrived 2:15pm. 990 Points.
  15. Team 1, Adventure Cartel (Alan Ferris, Jeremy Tibbits). Arrived 2:23pm. 990 Points.
  16. Team 7, FOMO’s (Jamie Whitworth, Aaron Lukritz). Arrived 2:27pm. 990 Points.
  17. Team 48, Team Macpac (Miyoko Inagaki, Daniel Barber). Arrived 2:54pm. 990 Points.
  18. Team 39, Couples Get the Job Done Gaster (Paula Stewart, Mark Gray). Arrived 3:11pm. 970 Points.
  19. Team 19, The Goats (Paul Lutz, Peter Ryan). Arrived 3:27pm. 970 Points.
  20. Team 35, Tri Adventure Vintage (Jan Leverton, Susie Williams). Arrived 2:36pm. 950 Points.
  21. Team 8, G&D (Daniel Browing, Grant Welsh). Arrived 2:07pm. 940 Points.
  22. Team 24, Woop Woop (Jon Williamson, Gregor Urquhart). Arrived 2:07. 920 Points.
  23. Team 3, Detox (Todd Bray, Jason Bray). Arrived 1:50pm. 900 Points.
  24. Team 2 Deano’s Dags (Robert Houghton, Peter Dean). Arrived 2:36pm. 900 Points.
  25. Team 4, Drunk enough to Dance (Greg Lewis, Paul Maxwell). Arrived 2:28pm. 900 Points.
  26. Team 21, The Mulga Bills (Gordon Bossley, Craig Jeffs). Arrived 3:16pm. 880 Points.
  27. Team 20, The Hounds (Paul Guard, Tony Scott). Arrived 2:05pm. 830 Points.
  28. Team 25 Macca & Son (Ray McNamara, Riley McNamara). Arrived 3:10pm. 830 Points.
  29. Team 36, Adventure Angels (Sebasti-ann Mitaros, Mark Bellamy). Arrived 2:27pm. 830 Points.
  30. Team 44 Tea Potty (Laura Moran, Tim Coles). Arrived 3:11pm. 820 Points.
  31. Team 12, Roaches (Mark Morton, Stephen Parker). Arrived 3:07. 810 Points.
  32. Team 49, Megvan! (Sue Clarke, Walter Kelemen). Arrived 2:47pm. 790 Points.
  33. Team 26 Sleepy Wombats (Cameron Murray, Rimu Nelson). Arrived 2:37pm. 780 Points.
  34. Team 30 Prime Condition (Geoff Hines, Grahame Shann). Arrived 2:45pm. 780 Points.
  35. Team 42, SART Just Trippin’ 1 (Luke Su, Teck Wee Tan). Arrived 4:08. 780 Points.
  36. Team 43, SART Just Trippin’2 (Tsalina Phang, Wilson Low). Arrived 4:08. 780 Points.
  37. Team 34 Triers (Penny Hearn, Deborah Lawson). Arrived 3:10pm. 780 Points.
  38. Team 27, Are we there Yet? (Markus Wernli, Jock Mitchell). Arrived 2:00pm. 750 Points.
  39. Team 15, Team Elasmo (Chris Rohner, Fabrice Jaine). Arrive 2:04pm. 740 Points.
  40. Team 22, The Sober Ocelots (Damien Ayers, Timothy Hancock). Arrived 2:40pm. 740 Points.
  41. Team 45, Team Green (David Tilburey, Lindy Oconnor). Arrived 1:40pm. 680 Points.
  42. Team 33, Navigation newbies (Sally Russell, Jenny Wadsworth). Arrived 2:44pm. 680 Points.
  43. Team 31, Rhesus Factor (David Peterson, Tob STower). Arrived 2:33pm. 610 Points.
  44. Team 40, Easy Day Out (Ales Neubert, Illaria Croci). Arrived 2:20. 580 Points.
  45. Team 37, Bodacious Bushies (Jonathan Smith, Angie Reeve). No details recorded at TA22.

Just a reminder that the live GPS tracking is up and running at

  • 3:30pm. Most teams are now on the bike.The two Team SART’s started late due to flights being delayed.

Experienced racer Brett Stevens shows us how to NOT contact a race map!

  • 3:50: Update from TA7 official: All is well at TA 7. Only 1 12 hr team to leave on kayak. Most 6 hr teams are out on trek.

My Joyce is providing a spectacular backdrop to this amazing race

  • 4:30: Team Mountain Designs appears to have opened up a nice lead, and have not missed any checkpoints since TA22.
  • 4:40:Peter Ryan from Team 19 The Goats has injured his knee and is currently returning to TA22 to be taken off the course.
  • 5:00: Reports are coming in that the mountain bike conditions are poor due to the rain. Teams are going slower than expected and may miss out on some easy trekking points.
  • 5:45: The 6 hour teams are flooding into the finish line. Some good scores are being recorded despite the conditions.
  • 6:30: All 6 hour teams are in. Winners are receiving their prizes.
  • 6:40: Front 12 hour teams are into the final trek. How many teams will have time to collect the trekking points.
  • 6 Hour results.

Mens Open

  • 1st: Ignite (Stephen Blount, John Cosgriff). 1230 Points.
  • 2nd: Grass works (Glenn Seaby, Craig Edwards). 1210 Points. Finished 5:28:40.
  • 3rd: The Hopeless Jokes (John Ruhle, Paul Moran). 1210 Points. Finished 5:45:15.

Mixed Open

  • 1st: Team Boonah (Anna Houghton, James Sheldon). 1110 Points.
  • 2nd: Give it a go (Nicole Smith, Stephen Kettley). 1050 Points.
  • 3rd : Navigationally Impaired (Paul Norris, Neets Pluschke). 1030 Points.

Women’s Open

  • 1st: Jinka (Sharyn Smith, Jessica Schluter). 920 Points.
  • 2nd: N.O.B.s (Jane Lever, Gail Young). 910 Points.
  • 3rd: Chicks With Abs (Kelly Ransome, Mardi Griffin). 890 Points.


  • 1st: Lost In Translation (Nathan Godfrey, Terry Moran). 1120 Points.

  • 8:00pm. 12 Hour Teams are arriving at the Finish Line.
  • 9:50pm. 3 teams still out. They are now getting picked up and brought home. Reports indicate all three teams were slowed by bike failures in wet weather.
  • 10:20pm. All teams back and accounted for.

Please see the Queensland Rogaine association website during the week for the full results.

  • Sunday. 5:00pm. 12hr Rogue Adventuregaine Results can be found here: Rogue 12hr Results. Make sure to have a look back at your tracking and compare your route to others at the tracking site here. You will need to toggle on the KML file option, select just your team number and hit play. 6hr Rogue Adventuregaine Results to follow soon.
  • Sunday. 8:30pm. 6hr Rogue Adventuregaine Results are now up here: Rogue 6hr Results. The spreadsheet contains split timings for each team. Race photos still to come. Thanks to everyone for their support of the race. Hope you pulled up well and have managed to get the mud off your bikes!


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