Summer Training Missions

Team RogueThe last few weekends have seen the Rogue squad gather in their various forms for some solid training over summer in preparation for their pending races in New Zealand.

Craig and Glenn were joined by Al for a kayak over to Stradbroke Island via Macleay and Lamb Islands, linking up a sandy run on Stradbroke before a solid paddle home. Apparently the guys hit a strong headwind and outgoing tide on the return trip (they are blaming bad luck, not bad planning), which meant they took over an hour to paddle the last 4kms, eventually ditching the boats early and running back to get the cars.

Sandy runStradbroke Paddle

Team Rogue’s Godzone lineup were able to get together as a complete team of 4 for the first time for a training mission up to Mt Nebo. After a 35km MTB up to Nebo, the team were joined by Mike and Trev. Trev had heard of a creek line dropping off the back of the township that required a few rappels and swims – the headwaters of Cabbage Tree Creek. Despite not having much rain lately there were numerous pools to be swum to cool things off and the creek line was shady and open. A steep hike back up, a run along the single track back into Nebo and the return ride home capped off a solid 8hr training day. With only 12 weeks until the start line of Godzone, now is the time to get the big training miles in.

2012 Cabbage Tree Creek 001

2012 Cabbage Tree Creek 009

2012 Cabbage Tree Creek 006b

Cabbage Tree Hike


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