2015 Team List

CPA preliminary team list for the Rogue24 and Rogue8 Adventuregaine can be found here.  This list will be updated periodically in the lead up to the race.  Any team wishing to link their team facebook profile or blog, please contact me at rogueadventureracing@gmail.com

24 Hr Cat. Team Name Names
1 MV RUSH Russell Stringer Shaun Lauder
2 MO BroCann Lukas Cann Andrew Cann
3 MO Great Expectations Stephen Wallis Todd Bray
4 MO Hare and Tortoise Greg Barbour Steven Todkill
5 MO Hunters Nic Droste Billy Tindall
6 MO Isodope B Andrew Earle Brad Harrison
7 MO Juggernaut Justin Smart Bradley Briggs
8 MO Liam for PM Todd Vallance Mark Wilson
9 MO Living on a Spur Thomas McPhail Jon Gooding
10 MO Mawson Tiger Adventure Kevin Piercy TBA
11 MO No Detour Pierre Francois Ross Barker
12 MO Nothing to see here Kevin Smith Craig Sleeman
13 MO RbR Paul Guard Alan Ferris
14 MO RoadPro Kirk Jackson TBA
15 MO Scrabble Michael Cann Luke Riverstone
16 MO Team Explore Paul Elby Darren Smith
17 MO Wild Geese Chasing Cub Paul Melloy Alex Morgan
18 MO Tiger Adventure Trevor Mullens James Rush
19 MO Tiger Adventure Greg Joe Joe Cartwright Grant Callaghan
20 MO Tiger AdventureFit Dave Talbot Shane Crook
21 MO Tiger Colour TBC Kim Gilfillan Mitchell Stafford
22 MO Trailing Away Blake Stone Errol Bebbington
23 MV Hoof Hearted Scott Sawyer Dan Ibbotson
24 MV Isodopes A Bernard Sauvage Andrew Paszkowski
25 MV NoOneReally Adam Power Grant Reid
26 MV ROAR Guy O’Neill Flynn O’Neill
27 MV Simon Garfunkel John kenafake Ramon Pollach
28 MV TerraTrac Lyle Jacobson Gary Beutel
29 MV The Lost Boys Vic Stork Anthony Mayer
30 WO Cameltoes Polly Weston Natasha Sparg
31 WO JustVlogger Vetti Fawcett Jayne Arthur
32 WO Tri Adventure Girls Jan Leverton Kelsey Harvey
33 XO Contemplating Suwati Lowth Callum Lowth
34 XO Fully Rad Adventures Richard Old Irene Hunt
35 XO Giddy Up Mandy Caldwell Mike Page
36 XO GTSloth 1 Michelle Newstead Grant Hodgins
37 XO Husband and Wife Chris Delaney Michelle Delaney
38 XO Tiger Adventure -LHMK Leela Hancox Matthew Kerr
39 XO Tiger Adventure Racing Shaun Jackson Bec Wilson
40 XO Tri Adventure 1 Cass Kimlin Alex Austin
41 XV Bicycles Without Bruce Richard Robinson Tamsin Barnes
42 XV Dated Loaf and Pikelet Marquita Gelderman Rob Garden
43 XV For Better or Worse Michele Krome Greg Krome
44 XV No bunnies Here Cath Heppelthwaite Nick Collins
45 XV Team Lantana Michael Schafer Janelle Schafer
46 XV Tri Adventure 2 Dyson Findlay Gina Dunsdon
47 XV Tri Adventure MDs Kim Beckinsale Howard McCann
48 XV,N Beginners Luck Alison Essery James Essery
49 XSV Annie and Co Max Kerrison Annie Sanderson
50 XSV Megvan! Sue Clarke Walter Kelemen
8 Hr Cat. Team Name Names
1 XO Haven’t got a Canoe Daniel Browning Anna Willis
2 MV 2GB Tony Knight Trevor Stay
3 MO Scorched Earth Grahame Shann Neil Gardner
4 XO,N West Adventurers Robert West Wendy West


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