Record Sell Out for the Rogue24

So, at lunch time on the day entries have opened, all places in the Rogue 24hr race option have sold out.  A complete team list can be found here.

TL;DRIf you want to race the Rogue 24hr Adventuregaine, get an 8hr entry in asap and email me to go on the wait list.

Views looking out over the 2015 Rogue24 Course.

Views looking out over the 2015 Rogue24 Course.

If you are interested in racing, however, don’t despair.  Plenty of entries for the 8hr option remain.  If you are still keen to compete in the full 24hr event, I strongly recommend you get an 8hr entry in then contact me at via email to be added to the wait list.  Typically the pattern in the past is for the 24hr race to sell out quickly, however closer to the date many teams find they want to drop back to the 8hr for whatever reason (lack of training, lack of time, injury niggles, etc).  At this point, it will be easy to swap you out for the 24hr option – indeed, often the 8hr option is the more sought after spot in the week before the race.

I should also stress that in the past, while every edition of the Rogue Adventuregaine has sold out, all enquiries on the wait list have been offered a place in the race.  Often, however, this is not until a week or two before the event, so it may pay to be flexible at short notice.  International and interstate teams should contact me directly so arrangements can be made.

If you have a 24hr entry and are no longer available to race, please email me as soon as possible so we can offer a place to teams that are already on the waitlist.

Thanks to all those who have entered the race – the growing support for this event is very humbling.  I’ll be working hard to put together the most rewarding race course possible.  Stay tuned for event announcements, clues and images from the course and other race related news both here at and on the Rogue Facebook Page.

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