Rogue 8hr Winners Report

Below is the race report from Gary Sutherland of Team Mountain Designs who won the 8hr adventuregaine course.  If you enjoyed the rogaine format adventure race, make sure you check out Ridgeline Adventure’s Culminator Race in July!

2013 - Rogue Adventuregaine 064With the Rogue Adventuregaine being a 3hr drive from home, I headed up Friday arvo.  Saturday morning was very relaxing, no early start and no long drive.

Map hand out was 8:30am and it was apparent that the big points were on the paddle and bike, so we planned to get all the paddle, all the bike and then as many trek CP’s that the remaining time would permit.  We estimated that each Leg would take 3hrs.

The gun went off and teams headed off in all different directions, we headed to CP1 with many other teams and were a little amused to see after collecting the CP all but 3 teams headed back the way we had come while the rest went straight ahead into the out of bounds area and a nice little short cut.

P1040078We had caught the short cutters by CP2 and continued onto my favorite leg of the day, the paddle.  It was a great morning on the water. We loved the CP’s set up on Knolls and spurs as it gave our butts a rest from the hard plastic seats and gave us some nice views of the lake.

All was going very well, no nav errors and we got through the leg in 2:50hrs so had 10 minutes up our sleeve heading out onto the MTB.

Liam was very kind on this leg setting all CP’s on the flat part of the course, we lost maybe 15 mins on this leg with a few small mistakes.

We collected all the CP’s in 2:55hrs, giving us 2:15hrs for the last Trek.

Our first control CP21 was in a clearing which was cleverly disguised in the middle of a water course which wasn’t mapped well.  We had given up after spending 20 minutes here, but on leaving another team said they had found it and Kim was keen to give it another go so after navigating on a compass bearing rather than the mapped features we found the well hidden clearing.  I felt sorry for the guys trying o find this one in the dark.

P1040095We were pleasantly surprised by how fast the travel was on this leg we collected all the CP’s with no trouble using our basic rule of straight is great.  Our last control was CP20 and with the light fading we charged down the hill swam across two creeks to finish with 10 minutes to spare.

We were surprised to discover no one else had cleared the course as I was fatigued all day as I had spent a huge day on the Thursday reconning a course for Ridgeline Adventures Culminator 8hr Adventuregaine style race on July 13th.

We have only 30 spots left in this race so I encourage you to enter early so you don’t miss out

You can enter on the web site

Team Mountain Designs Captain

Gary Sutherland

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