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Results from the Rogue24 can be downloaded here: Rogue24 Results.  Details on leg splits, etc can found on the QRA Results Page.


A list of all reports from the race submitted by competitors can be found here.



A link to the Track Me Live GPS tracking system can be found here, and will be activated here on the morning of the race (26-04-14).


Progressive results from the race as teams move through each stage, including cumulative score and times will be posted here.


The actual race maps and course instructions used by competitors will be available here after map handout on the morning of the race.

  • Map 1 – 1 to 25000

2014 Rogue Map 1Trek

  • Map 2 – 1 to 40000

2014 Rogue Map 2 Bike

  • Map 3 – 1 to 40000

2014 Rogue Map 3 Bike


A 3 minute course flyover video will be made available here on once maps have been released to competitors.


The full team list can be viewed here.

2014 Rogue24 Course Preview 10PHOTOS

Photos from course scouting can be viewed here.
Photos from race day will be posted live here.


For more news from the course, jump over to the Rogue Facebook Page.  Information related to the race will be released here in the lead up with live updates from the course posted here throughout the race.

  • 04/05/2014 – The race wrap up report has been posted here, bringing the Rogue24 in 2014 to a close.  Thanks to everyone for their support and I look forward to seeing you again in 2015.  In the mean time, keep an eye out for the Urban Rogue – a 3hr metrogaine in the Brisbane CBD in December – as well as news and stories as the course for next year slowly develops.
  • 30/04/2014 – The photo section from the race has been updated with almost 500 photos here.  A small selection for those short on time can be found on FaceBook here.  Make sure to check out the race reports submitted by teams above.  Keep your reports coming.
  • 29/04/2014 – The results from the race have had a number of minor updates to account for errors derived from Navlight.  You can check out all your check point splits along with a number of other useful resources in the results section of the QRA website here.
  • 28/04/2014 – The Race Live Site has been updated with full results.  I’m also in the process of collating all the photos from the race.  Send us through your race report and we will get these up on the site to share as well.
  • Sunday 12:50pm – Congratulations to team RUSH for their Victory in Rogue 2014.
  • Sunday 12:49pm – Full scoreboard is now available here.
  • Sunday 11:17am – All teams back and accounted for.  Scores are currently being compiled.
  • Sunday 10:09am – Mass Nutrition Noosa is coming second with 3810 point and Tiger Adventure Yellow Mens is third with 3650 points.  However we haven’t seen Tiger Adventure Yellow Mens for a while and they are actually scoring more points per hour.  So we could  be in for a late rush.
  • Sunday 9:26am – Teams are rotating through HQ at a rapid rate keeping the volunteers busy.
  • Sunday 8:59am – All the leading teams have finished the bike leg.  Finally the course has gotten the better of them, with no one still clearing the course.  Team RUSH have performed the best and take a 120 point lead into the final 4 stages.
  • Sunday 8:52am – Team Monkeys on the Loose were first out on the SUP’s at a brave time of 3:30am.  They reported it was a fantastic time to be out on the water.
  • Sunday 3:03am – PS its getting very chilly up here on the range.  Fortunately it is very quiet at HQ at the moment, so the full volunteer crew have gone to sleep and I’m holding the Web update / Navlight scoring / Leg logisitics fort by myself.  I’m pretty sure I’m just writing this to myself now anyway.  Bring on dawn and some more action!
  • Sunday 3:01am – Stats on where everyone is.  We have 45 teams out on the bike leg, 2 teams finished the bike and out orienteering (MOJO Escapees and Monkeys on the Loose), another 7 teams finished the bike and sleeping, 2 teams racing unranked (but still out on the bike), 2 teams DNF’d and 2 teams DNS – and we all know that a DNF beats a DNS any day.
  • Sunday 2:52am – So it looks from the full results at the end of the Stage 3 trek that only 4 teams have swept the course so far.  These are the top 4 all male teams and are only separated by 39 minutes.  The top mixed teams have started dropping CPs.  Team Explore are in the theoretical points lead having only dropped a 70 pointer (my guess is the difficult CP26).  However, team Calories have a clear lead in the points/hour results.  Will dropping points early on prove to be a smart strategy?  Time will tell.
  • Sunday 2:00am – LEADERBOARD HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH FULL RESULTS UP TO THE STAGE 3 TREK.  We are now posting known results for the Stage 4 bike, although we only have 8 ranked teams in off the bike at the moment.
  • Sunday 1:00am – Teams 13 (FOMO) and38 (Adventure Angels) have come in off the bike with an extra 550 points on their score card and are looking to grab a quick sleep before heading back out to knock the rest of the race off soon.
  • Sunday 12:48am – Word from the gear transport volunteers is that there are only two teams left on the Stage 3 trek – Team of Seaside and Lost Boys 1 – all other remaining teams are either out on the bike or have checked into HQ for a sleep.  No one has been brave enough to head out on the water for the SUP or second kayak leg yet.
  • Sunday 12:41am – Grilled Drop Bears on Toast and Salmon-Yak-Attack have just checked in to HQ for a small sleep having picked up and extra 180 points on the Stage 3 trek and 360 points on the Stage 4 bike leg.  They are going to get some sleep and head out at first light to finish the last 4 legs.
  • Sunday 12:07am – This is what happens when you suggest a portage trolley might help you on a paddle leg.

2014 Rogue24 77

  • Sunday 12:03am – Team #51 Dated Loaf and Pikelet have lost a pedal, but have been able to source a spare flat pedal, so are riding with one flat pedal and one cleat.
  • Sunday 12:01am – Team #5 Heavily Loaded Bags have joined the ranks of the unranked.  Geoff is feeling sick and has gotten a lift back to race HQ.  Rawson is continuing on with team 21 Excess Baggage.
  • Saturday 11:58pm – In the mixed division, it seems that team Calories have made their move on the second trek leg with the time up their sleeve and have pulled into the lead.  However, reports from the field that are that they have had a lot of trouble with the first bike control (CP31) in the dark, losing at least 20 minutes and may have even dropped it.  Waiting to hear the story from that one.
  • Saturday 11:55pm – Team 19, Tiger Adventure Black, have come in to HQ having collected two bike controls.  They are going to rest up overnight before heading back out in the morning to complete the SUP, Archery and Kayak legs and save Craig’s knees for another day.
  • Saturday 11:47pm – So at the end of the Stage 3 trek we have a new race leader.  Tiger Adventure Yellow Mens have come off the trek with a full scorecard in first place.  RUSH followed them in almost 10 minutes later having swept the course, but had a lightning transition and left 3 seconds after the Tiger team.  It will be interesting to see who is the stronger team on the bike at night is.  Some tough decisions about what controls to go for as well.  Mass Nutrition Noosa were a further 10 minutes back in third place.  The Tiger Vintage were reported to be having nav trouble on the stage 3 trek (although this is unconfirmed) but hadn’t finished the leg yet.
  • Saturday 11:45pm – Leaderboard has had another major update.  More news to come shortly.
  • Saturday 10:11pm – Team 54, the Gagels, have picked up a couple of controls on the bike (CP32 and CP33) and are back at HQ for a shower and a sleep before heading out again in the morning.  Just waiting on further news from the Cressbrook transition soon hopefully.
  • Saturday 8:47pm – Now this interesting: If we look at points/hour, the top three teams stay the same, but Calories move all the way up to 4th place overall and are leading the mixed.  They just have to hope they haven’t sold themselves short on a sweepable course.  We will try and get a point/hour column on the results scoreboard for all those maths boffins at home.
  • Saturday 8:35pm – Further to the last point.  Mixed team “Calories” in 10th place overall (and 4th placed mixed team) dropped CPs 8 and 9 on the first trek and are subsequently 140 points behind the “winning” mixed team.  HOWEVER, they are 1:12 ahead on the course of the leading mixed team and almost 2hrs ahead of 3rd place team, so this may eventually prove to be a great strategy depending on how the rest of the course goes.  Perhaps a more accurate depiction of placing would be a points/hour score.  Anyone care to do the maths?
  • Saturday 8:30pm – Great to see three of the seven teams that have swept the course up to the end of Stage 2 are mixed teams.  Will make for some great competition in that category.  But who knows, perhaps dropping some early check points might prove to be a wise strategy at the end of the day, and the winners might not come from these early ranks?
  • Saturday 8:27am – Message to “The Lost Boys1’s” wives – they’ve been living up to their names, but are doing well.
  • Saturday 8:26pm – All 59 teams are off the water.  We have about a dozen teams that, for whatever reason, have elected to move onto the bike leg.  The remaining teams, including the leaders, are out on the Stage 3 Trek leg.
  • Saturday 8:24pm –  Leaderboard correction update.  Mass Nutrition Noosa have taken the lead on the kayak leg with a 13 minute lead over Tiger Adventure Vintage.  RUSH are another 12 minutes back.  All are on course to sweep the race at this stage, but there is still a long way to go.
  • Saturday 8:09pm.  – The leaderboard has been updated here.  There are still 7 teams sweeping the course.
  • Saturday 8:01pm. – Team 26, Grilled Dropbears on Toast and Team 31, Salmon-Yak Attack also have the same number of points as the leaders did after the first stage.  Except it took them 3 stages.
  • Saturday 7:58pm – Teams 45 and 46, MOJO AR Escapees and Monkeys on the Loose have the same score as the leaders did after the first stage.  The only difference was that it took 2 stages to get the points.
  • Saturday 7:54pm – Seven teams cleared the first stage.  An update on Stage 2 should be arriving soon.
  • Saturday 7:53pm – Team 43.  Franky has been throwing up in stage 1.  They arrived at the TA at 6:16, are going to rest up for a little while before continuing on to the bike leg.
  • Saturday 7:01pm – Rumour (only) from the transition area is that Mass Nutrition Noosa has moved into first place, followed by Tiger Vintage, then RUSH.  We’ll try to get some leaderboard update soon.
  • Saturday 6:58pm – So objective study suggests that the canoes are a faster option than the red sit-on-top kayaks.  I’m a bit surprised by this.  They would certainly be more comfortable.
  • Saturday 6:57pm – Good news story: Volunteer’s pizzas had arrived!
  • Saturday 6:54pm.  Two more withdrawals from the race.  Team Outdoor Academy has withdrawn after the paddle leg.  Wayne has a migraine, so Mike road back to the car to collect him from the course.  Both are recovering and considering heading out in the morning.  Team 6, Hunters, have withdrawn after the first trek because Billy broke his toe.  He is fine though and able to drive home.
  • Saturday 5:26pm – Judging from their map marking skills, it appears the future of adventure racing is in safe hands.

Youngest Team

  • Saturday 5:20pm – Leo and Bec on the course.  When Leo heard that there was illegal deer hunting on the course and that remaining visible was one of the permit requirements, he went with the “safest” shirt option he owns.

Leo and Bec

  • Saturday 5:13pm – In other uninteresting news, we would normally get one or two broken wrist timing straps in the course of a 24 hour race.  We have had 4 in the first 4 hours of the Rogue 24 already.
  • Saturday 5:09pm – Award for most courageous route choice goes to team #42 Cameltoes.  Despite all the warnings to stay in the creek line, they decided to go direct line from CPs 2 to 5.  Managing to make their way down the cliff line into the gorge about CP5, they were left with a gorge swim to get CP5 before continuing on their merry way.  Apparently it was a little more adventure than they had bargained for.
  • Saturday 5:07pm – Team “Australia’s Next Top Models” wanted to report that they are “still #1 and looking good”.
  • Saturday 5:06pm – Other important news – Baby Jason is awake from his nap.
  • Saturday 5:01pm – Most teams had opted to go with the red kayaks over the green canoes, however perhaps in a show of wisdom, the Seaby brothers from team He Aint Heavy were the first to opt for a canoe going for comfort given the chance of hamstring cramping in the lower profile kayaks.
  • Saturday 4:59pm – News from team Outlandish – Alan was unfortunately feeling pretty sick after the first trek, but he has his jelly beans with him and was soldiering on with the course.
  • Saturday 4:56pm – I’ll have to review the trackers, but I think about 4 teams skipped the gorge trek and hiked into Cressbrook from the road.  When I found team 53 Mojo AR Marauders, they had subsequently not been able to find CP 9.  They were on their way back out to CP7, 2.5 hours into the trek having not yet collected a CP yet, but were still very cheery.
  • Saturday 4:55pm – Team 38, Adventure Angels, have decided to skip the paddle leg and head out on the next trek leg.  They should get a bunch of the tricky nav done in daylight, and were in good spirits when I drove past them, although they still tried to thumb a ride.
  • Saturday 4:52pm – Other injury news – Wayne Benton from Outdoor Academy has twisted his ankle.  The team are going to head out on the paddle leg, but probably drop the next trek all together.  They were asking if there were any pubs on the bike route.  On related news, Mike owes me $20.
  • Saturday 4:49pm – News from the rest of the field.  We have had our first Withdrawal – Mandy Caldwell jarred her back on the gorge trek.  She decided to hike back out while her team mate continued on with one of the other all female teams.  She made it out fine.  Her team mate is continuing on the course and is doing the paddle leg with our race volunteer Darren Saunders.
  • Saturday 4:48pm – When we left the TA after about 5 hours, 47 of the 59 teams had passed through.
  • Saturday 4:47pm – Trackers are only showing reception on the higher ridges.  Things should improve when they hit the bikes.
  • Saturday 4:46pm – We are working on updating the leader board with all the times and scores now.  Stay tuned.
  • Saturday 4:42pm – In the mixed competition, I think the first team to come in that had swept the course was the Tiger Mixed in around 4 hours 26 minutes.  Paul Elby came in 13 minutes later, having also swept the course, however they lost a bit of time having lost a timing tag which was later found by another team.  Paul was looking pretty cooked though. Team Husband and Wife were the third mixed team to sweep the leg in 5:03.   HOWEVER – team Calories opted to drop CPs 8 and 9 and were out on the paddle at around an hour before both these teams.  Other strong mixed teams including Tri Adventure Petite also dropped controls and were not far behind Leo and Bec.
  • Saturday 4:36pm – So, news from the leaders first.  All male team Tiger Vintage swept the first trek leg in approx 3:52, coming in to be suprised to find that they were in the lead.  Team Mass Nutrition Noosa also swept the course but were 1 minute behind them.  Team RUSH followed them in 15 minutes later, having also swept the leg, but making a 20 to 30 minute mistake on CP 8.  Team Bike On dropped CPs 8 and 9 and finished the leg much earlier to get out on the water at least 15 min ahead of Tiger Vintage, but at least 140 min behind.  The Tiger Yellow mens team swept the trek in 4:21 hours.
  • Saturday 4:35pm – We’re back online.  The Cressbrook transition is an internet and tracker black hole.  News, photos and leader board updates will come thick and fast as we catch up coverage by relaying information to race HQ.
  • Saturday 12:03pm – Sue from our only Super Vets team leading the charge.

Super Vets

  • Saturday 12:01pm – A few teams have opted to skip the high scoring check points in the gorge country and make a bee-line via the road to the transition area at Cressbrook Dam.
  • Saturday 12:00pm – Looks like the trackers are not getting reception in the gorge as expected (when you see the photos of the country they are travelling through, you’ll understand why).  Expect them to reappear in a couple of hours as they get out into more open country).
  • Saturday 11:41am – Footage of the Rogue24 start line.

  • Saturday 11:32am – Pre-race briefing.


  • Saturday 11:00am – Teams are off.  More news and video to come soon.  We will be moving coms to the Transition Area at Cressbrook Dam where reception is poor, but will try to keep you updated as best as possible.
  • Saturday 9:13am – The live website has been updated with course flyover, which can also be found here.
  • Saturday 9:06am – Team Bike On marking up maps.

Bike On

  • Saturday 8:58am – Maps and course description has been loaded up on the Live Website above.
  • Saturday 8:50am – Good morning! Teams have registered, maps have been handed out and we have some cracking weather for the Rogue24.  Stay tuned for details of the course.
  • 25/04/2014 – The calm before the storm.  90 competitors and volunteers have made it to race HQ and most have turned in for an early night.  See you in the morning when all the action starts.  Maps will be released after 9am.
Some serious carbo loading.

Some serious carbo loading.

  • 23/04/2014 – Globe Trekker have posted a prize voucher exclusive to competitors.  Full details are here.  The winner will be announced at the closing presentations.  Good luck!
  • 21/04/2014 – Rogue24 Final Instructions  have been emailed to competitors.  Have a careful read over this document prior to the race.
  • 15/04/2014 – Never done a Rogue Adventuregaine before?  Check out the Live Site from the 2013 race for example maps and course instructions, clues to the format, photos of the boats used and other helpful hints.
  • 12/04/2014 – More detailed Event Timings  can be downloaded here for competitors taking up the Friday night accommodation option.  These timings will also be provided with the final course information package in the week before the race.
  • 12/04/2014 – Check out a review of the competition here.
  • 11/04/2014 – Catch up on old news from scouting trips on the Rogue24 course here.
  • 10/04/2014 – The Rogue24 Adventuregaine race site has gone live.  Stay tuned for more news updates in the coming weeks.  Share this site with friends and family who are interested in tracking the race.


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