The Rogue24 Is A Sell Out

TPhotos From Course Settinghe 24hr Rogue Adventuregaine has officially reached its 50 team capacity and has now sold out. A quick look through the team list reveals a collection of QLD top adventure racing teams, alongside a number of interstate and international outfits that could prove to be dark horses.  Stay tuned for a complete run down on the contenders closer to the race date.

A waitlist has now opened for the 24hr event for those that are still keen on entering.  In the past, most teams on the waitlist have been offered a place in the race closer to the event date due to inevitable attrition from the field.  If your team wants to be included in the wait list (first come, first serve) please contact us with your name, email address and mobile number at  If your team is no longer able to race, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer your place to a team on the waitlist.

Photos From The CourseAt this stage, there are just over 10 places remaining in the 8hr option however these are expected to go quickly.

Finally, it looks like the course has been hit by another round of flooding this week.  Things should be nice and green by the time the race rolls around.   Everything is coming together nicely from an organisational stand point for what should be one of the top AR courses of the year.  Make sure to check in with the team’s Facebook page for some clues from the course in the coming weeks.

Catch you at the Rogue.


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