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A PDF version of this information for easy printing can be dowloaded here: Urban Rogue Final Instructions.  Thank you for your entry into the Urban Rogue – a 3 hour metrogaine taking in the Brisbane city Friday night lights on a summer evening.  Below is all the information required for competitors about the event.  Make sure to have a good read over it so that everything can run smoothly on the night: timings will be tight.

Included with this information is a copy of the briefing notes that I will be giving prior to the race start here: Urban Rogue Final Briefing Notes.  With only a 40 minute map mark up time, I know things can be hectic prior to the start of the race and many people will only listen with one ear.  Hence, have a read over it now to familiarize yourself with the race rules and peculiarities of the event.

Teams can also bring a signed indemnity form to streamline the process on the night.  This can be downloaded here: Urban Rogue Indemnity Form

It looks like clear skies are predicted, so no summer storms unfortunately – the weather forecast for Friday is sunny, but I would still bring a head lamp.  Look forward to seeing you at the Urban Rogue!



Race head quarters will be at the shelter shed in Victoria Park off Gilchrist Avenue, Herston.  There is ample on street parking available, as well as parking up the road at the Kings Car Park.  Please be aware that the parking is metered until 7pm, so you will need change for a ticket for approximately an hours worth of parking.  There are toilets a hundred meters up the road.  There is no power and very limited shelter available, so if it looks like there is a summer storm predicted, please make provisions for this in your planning.



  • Novice Briefing ——————— 6:00pm
  • Map Handout ———————– 6:10pm
  • Final Briefing ———————— 6:50pm
  • Event Start ————————— 7:00pm
  • Event Finish ————————– 10:00pm
  • Presentations and Dinner ———– After 10:00pm


  • Torch or head lamp per person.
  • Digital camera or smart phone capable of taking a photo for one CP.
  • Marker pen – for recording answers.
  • Map case / Plastic Sleeve – you will need to keep your map, question sheet and answer sheet dry from sweat, rain, spittle, blood, etc.
  • Recommended: Watch, compass, water, first aid, map marking equipment, chair, contact, dry change of clothes for after the race and calculator to determine your final score.


Colour 1:16000 on A3.  One per competitor.  An example can be viewed here.


The Urban Rogue is a 3 hour metrogaine using a traditional rogaining score format.  However, in place of flags and punches, a question and multiple choice answer format will be employed.  Teams must locate the feature described and select the correct answer from a choice of four options.  There are heavy penalties for guessing or incorrect answers (to the original value of the incorrect check point).  Places will be awarded based firstly on total score, then on finish time in the event of a tied score.  Note, a penalty of 10 points per minute, or part thereof, applies to teams arriving back late.  Teams returning more than 30 minutes late will be disqualified.


A number of prizes have been generously donated by event sponsors Wildfire Sports.  Make sure to check them out online for any of your outdoor apparel and equipment needs.  Prizes will be awarded to the first placed Mens, Womens and Mixed teams in the “on foot” category.  Prizes will also be awarded to the wining “On Wheels” team, Novice team and team containing a Junior (U15).  Remaining prizes will be distributed as spot prizes, so make sure to stick around for presentations.

Wildfire Sports


Pizza and drinks will be provided to competitors after the race and presentations will commence as soon as we can calculate the final results.  Vegetarian and gluten free options will be catered for, however no other food allergies or intolerances will be specifically covered.

Team List and Registration

Below is a team list for the race.  There are a total of 57 teams (150 competitors) including 11 that qualify for the “Rogue Junior” category, 10 for the “On Wheels” category and 17 novice teams (welcome to rogaining!).  Please note your team number as you will need to provide this at registration.  At registration you will also need to:

  • Provide a signed copy of the indemnity form.
  • Collect 1 map per person.
  • Collect 1 question sheet per team.
  •  Collect 1 answer sheet per team.
No Course Category Names
1 03MT XV No Bruce
Richard   Robinson
Tamsin   Barnes
2 03MT XO Probably Lost
Kevin   Paice
Tina   Pengelly
3 03MT2 XO,N Boomerang
Michael   Price
Bianca   Price
Jackson   Pan
Jaimie   Pan
4 03MT2 XO,F 5xGray
Brenton   Gray
Meredith   Gray
Daniel   Gray
Ryan   Gray
Mikaela   Gray
5 03MT2 XO Mystique
michael   rowley
Arran   Wilcock
6 03MT XO mel’n’mike
Mike   Coleman
Melissa   Bowman
7 03MT2 XSV Megvan!
Sue   Clarke
Walter   Kelemen
8 03MT XO,N Cyclone Possums
Tim   Platt
Katherine   Platt
9 03MT MO,N Meerkats
Aaron   Smith
Taal   Hampson
10 03MT MO Rochedale Runners
Stephen   Parker
Mark   Morton
11 03MT XO Whoops Witch Way
Andrew   Gills
Suwati   Lowth
12 03MT XO Margarita Runners
Leila   Qizilbash
Luke   Craig
13 03MT MO,N Where’s North?
Kevin   Smith
Craig   Sleeman
John   Napier
14 03MT XO,F Team ZaP
peter   hayes
zoe   Hayes
15 03MT MO,F,N XaP Storm
Paul   Rains
Xenny   Rains
16 03MT2 XO Huddo’s
mardelle   hudson
david   hudson
17 03MT XO Rodney’s Helpers
Nick   Drew
Sally   Faulks
18 03MT2 XO,F Terrific Trims’
Maree   Trims
Lindsay   Trims
Maya   Trims
Millicent   Trims
19 03MT MO Out for a laugh
Ross   McKinnon
Liam   Glover
Zach   Glover
Marcus   McLaren
michael   ho
20 03MT XO The Super Geese Chasers
Paul   Melloy
Neets   Pluschke
Damien   Ayers
Kymberly   Alexander
21 03MT WO Em & Susan
Emma   Giles
Susan   Birtles
22 03MT XO,N Chafing the Dream
Brad   Whiteford
Jazmin   Greaves
23 03MT XO,F Boy Wanders
Natalie   Gardiner
Garth   Johnson
Luke   Johnson
Matthew   Johnson
24 03MT2 XO Wheres the other one?
Todd   Bray
Donna   Bray
Noah   Bray
kate   Bray
Sam Bray
25 03MT WO Onward
Vicki   Ward
Melody   Ward
Lynette   Campbell
32 03MT XO Sunshine and Lollypops
Alvin   Obed
Nissa   Carrodus
Matt   wensley
34 03MT2 XO Living The Dream
Mark   Gray
Paula   Stewart
35 03MT MO Zugzwang
Craig   Lam
Lindsay   Jordan
Simon   Kay
36 03MT MV Old Injuries
David   Firman
Tim   McIntyre
37 03MT XO Chocolate Cows
Anna   Speer
Kirstin   Taske
Andrew   Spence
38 03MT MO Tricksmith
Gareth   Trickey
Wayne   Smith
39 03MT WO Wrong Direction
Clare   Leung
Anna   Sheldon
41 03MT XO White Family
Cate   White
Lindsay   White
42 03MT XO,N Thunder Ducks 5000
Danielle   Hutcheson
Dallas   Miller
Helen   Hutcheson
Emma   Hutcheson
43 03MT MO,N Arse About
Sean   Bofinger
Jason   Luxton
44 03MT MO Two Left Feet
Ken   Roney
Thomas   McPhail
46 03MT WO,F,N Following Daughter
Ingrid   Baade
Lauren   Baade
47 03MT WO The Pluggers
Megan   Holloway
Soumini   Vijayasarathy
48 03MT WO An adventure beyond
Taryn   Forster
Candice   Elder
Melissa   Tindall
49 03MT XO Dynamic tennis
Claydon   Smith
Jen   Metzlar
Adrian   O’sullivan
50 03MT XO,F McHickey
Ray   McNamara
Vanessa   McNamara
Riley   McNamara
Gerard   Hickey
51 03MT XO Older Adventurers
Matthew   Riordan
Phuong   Nguyen
52 03MT WO Girls Night Out
Sheri   Guyatt
Kate   Bennie
53 03MT XSV Bundschuh
Werner   Bundschuh
Anna   Bundschuh
54 03MT XO,N Team Turtles
Grant   Stock
Colette   Abal
55 03MT MO,N Far Canals
Robert   Steinhardt
John   Plant
Michael   McMaster
John   Darin
56 03MT2 XO AV Club
Vetti   Fawcett
Alex   Morgan
57 03MT XO,N Up and Coming Taylors
Rebecca   Taylor
Glenn   Taylor
58 03MT XO,N Over the Hill Taylors
Bridget   Taylor
Mark   Taylor
59 03MT XO The Ugly Ducklings
Emma St   Pierre
Chris   Jennings
Kathryn   Whalley
Greer   Smith
Rebecca   Austin
Ben Webb
61 03MT XO,F,N Unchained Turtles
Michael   Taylor
Jacqueline   Taylor
Josh   Taylor
Eli   Taylor
62 03MT WO,N Brisbane young adventurers
Anna   Lark
Soraya   Seklaoui
63 03MT WO Oh to Be Organ;ised
Judy   Burrows
Michelle   Martinez
64 03MT WO The Three Amoebas
Vanja   Halilovic
Julie   Keenan
tiah   Goldstein
65 03MT XO Oomfoofoo
Daniel   Trees
Allison   Goodwin
Jo   Kinsella
66 03MT2 XO,N Jay & Silent Bob
Bruce   Schneider
Melinda   Van Slobbe


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