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  • Thank you for all those that made The Rogue in 2013 such a success. A full wrap up on the race can be found here.  Look forward to seeing you at the start line in 2014. Liam.
  • Monday 8:28pm – The full collection of photos from the race are now available to download from the Rogue Adventure Picasa site here.
  • Monday 12:33pm – It is now possible to watch a replay of your race or download your GPS track from the weekend via the Track Me Live website.  Coms are notoriously bad in the Imbil area, so some sections of coverage were patchy, but it should give you a good indication of how the race unfolded.
  • Monday 9:25am – Team’s split times for each checkpoint can be found at either Rogue 8hr Split Times or Rogue 24hr Split Times.  These are generated from the electronic Navlight timing system.  Two or three punches on the course did not register times correctly but these have been already taken into acount in the final score spreadsheet.
  • Sunday 9:30pm.  Full results from both the 8hr and 24hr Rogue Adventuregaine can be downloaded at 2013 Rogue Results.  Make sure to check out the scoreboard below for the split on scores and times for the different stages of the 24hr race (note that this still requires further final editing).  Furether analysis of the results, along with race photos to come.
  • Sunday 8:52pm – A number of corrections have been made to the 8hr results as a result of inevitable Navlight errors.  The latest results can be downloaded here 2013 Rogue 8hr Results, or below in the Scoreboard section.   Please contact me at rogueadventureracing@gmail.com if you think there have been further errors.  24hr result to be vetted and posted soon.
  • Sunday 8:08pm – Sorry for the delay in updates.  We’ve been busy cleaning and packing up.  I’m working on getting preliminary results out shortly, along with updating the photos.
  • Sunday 9:24am – Team RUSH Spin City Cycles are in.  After time credits are taken into account, they take second place by 8 minutes. An alternate route choice, deciding to trek from CP40 to CP52 probably made the difference.  Thanks for some exciting racing guys.
  • Sunday 9:11am – Team SCAR/GAEC with Dave Schloss and Guy Andrews have just won the Rogue24 Adventuregaine!
  • Sunday 8:29am – CP19 from the bike leg.  Most 24hr teams would have passed this check point in the light of a full moon.


  • Sunday 8:20am – Unfortunately the northern end of the Dam has poor satellite signal for the GPS in testing.  It may make it hard to gauge exactly how things are tracking on the water.
  • Sunday 8:05am – CP 49 – a 100 pointer.

CP 49

  • Sunday 7:55am – Early start on the paddle.


  • Sunday 7:46am – at last count there were 28 teams out on the water doing the Stage 4 paddle and trek.
  • Sunday 7;42am – Just spoke to my event co-director Adam Power who has been out on the water doing the paddle leg this morning.  He said that SCAR/GAEC and RUSH Spin City Cycles were neck and neck coming out of the run to CPs 46 and 47.  There is nothing splitting these teams and it looks like it’s going to be a sprint to the finish. Estimates are of a finish time between 10am and 11am.
  • Sunday 6:00am – Team #18 Bicycles Without Bruce have called it a night.  They’ve decided to give Stage 4 a miss and grab a hot shower.  Sounding nice right about now.
  • Sunday 5:30am – A stunning sunrise over the dam.  The top two teams were by the water and ready to go with a minute to spare. In an interesting move they’ve headed off in different directions.  It should be fascinating to see how everything unfolds.
  • Sunday 2:16am – Team Explore, Paul and Jamie, are in with a 2:48 time credit, effectively 25 min and 20 min behine first and second place respectively.  It doesn’t sound like anyone has had a clean run on the navigation yet though.  Things should get easier when the sun comes up on the next leg.
  • Sunday 1:52am – Team SCAR / GAEC are in with a 3hr 08min time credit.  Can they make up 4:59 on the last kayak leg???
  • Sunday 1:47am – Team RUSH have arrived with a 3hr 13min time credit.  The clock has started for team SCAR / GAEC – I can see their head lamps!
  • Sunday 1:39 – If you want to zoom in closer on the live tracking, try swapping from “terrain” view to “satellite” view.
  • Sunday 1:20 – The top 3 mixed teams after the Stage 2 bike leg are Never Too Old (in 5th place overall), KILA Spin City Cycles (31 minutes back) and WanGoDo Edge Woodlanders (another 16 mintues back).  All had swept the course until this point making for some excitingly close racing in this category too.  It is quite probably that these teams will also get caught in the darkzone.
  • Sunday 1:14am – According to Russ from team RUSH, they over ran CP38 earlier in the night because they were moving so fast.  It now looks like they’ve made an error en route to CP35 which should allow team SCAR/GAEC to close the gap.  This will keep things interesting.
  • Sunday 1am – Team Whoops Witch Way are the first back off the trek after picking up two CPs.  They plan to get some sleep then hit the paddle in time for sunrise on the water tomorrow.
  • Sunday 12:32 – Team RUSH have just past by HQ and are heading for the final 3 CPs on the southern trek loop.  A look at the trackers suggest team SCAR/GAEC are back on track though and shouldn’t be to far behind.
  • Sunday 12:29 – 8 teams have cleared the course so far.  Further details in the leader board.
  • Sunday 12:26am – Teams caught in the darkzone for the paddle will get the chance to rest up and possibly even have a small sleep, which will only advantage them further for the last leg.  Keeping warm will be a priority though.  It’s been a much cooler evening tonight than recent temps, and the body can easily shut down after 16+ hrs of racing.
  • Sunday 12:21 – It looks like team RUSH Spin City Cycles may have taken a lead, although they won’t know it yet.  SCAR/GAEC have possibly had some nav issues around CP30, although this is yet to be confirmed.  Team Explore have closed the gap to second place.  We’ll have an exact idea of timings when they check in at HQ after the trek.  If any team can close a deficit on a paddle leg though, it’s Guy Andrews and Dave Schloss.
  • Sunday 12:17am – 32 of the 44 teams on course have checked in off the bike.  Leaders should be off the first trek in an hour or so, then will get a bit of a break before the kayak leg opens at 5:30am.
  • Sunday 12:16am – The two teams who flew in from Singapore checked in from the bike leg at 12:06am.  They’ve gotten every CP so far, however, they had a few navigational issues with CP18.  A look at their tracker route suggests they opted for the short cut which would have added some nasty hills.
  • Sunday 12:11am – Kim, who has been keeping us company at HQ, has just gone to bed.  Her team the Super Slacker Geese Chasers, have yet to arrive in from Stage 2.  A closer look at their GPS tracker (#29) has revealed a perplexing route choice on the bike.  I’m sure there is a story to come…
  • Sunday 12:01am – Team SCAR/GAEC and RUSH have set off on the first section of the trek in opposite direction loops according to the trackers.  Too close to call.  Team Explore have dropped off the pace a bit on the same loop as SCAR/GAEC but are still competitive.  McMeldrum, formerly in fourth have a more interesting route choice.  Teams are streaming into the HQ off the bikes and most have set off towards the north on the trek.
  • Saturday 11:45pm – Perfect racing conditions have seen the top 4 teams make a mockery of my time predictions.  The time credit for the final stage 4 kayak will definitely come into play.  Teams are not allowed to start the last paddle until 5:30am due to permit restrictions.  Teams that have swept the course for the first 3 legs will get a time credit up until 5am, which will be deducted from their total time.  The race will still well and truly be on over stage 4 though, as the team with the highest score will still win, so these teams will need to push it right to the end.
  • Saturday 11:27pm – Rush hour at HQ as some sore and weary teams come in off the bike leg.  Leader board is slowly being updated.
  • Saturday 10:30pm – After stage 2, SCAR / GAEC have swept the course in a total of 9:18 so far.  However, they only have a slim 4 min lead over RUSH Spin City Cycles, and both left the TA close together.  Team explore are in third place in a time of 9:38.  All teams are smashing the course, coming in two hours under the race directors time predictions.  The dark zone time credit will defdinately come into play before stage 4 (more on this later).  Team McMeldrum have also swept the course in fourth place in time of 10:15.  Leaderboard will be updated soon.
  • Saturday 10:12pm – Former Rogue women’s team winners Team Jinka have dropped out.  Jessica caught a lift back to HQ while Sharyn, who was feeling ill, stayed on at the pub to recover.
  • Saturday 1:10pm – Boring statistic #1 – teams have drunk a total of 30L from the water point!
  • Saturday 8:52pm – On the live tracking, make sure to click on the check point symbol to see its score value.
  • Saturday 8:50pm – Stage 1 by the numbers.  20 of the 44 teams out on the course swept the first stage collecting every check point.  The fastest of these did it in 3:47 (SCAR / GAEC) and slowest in 5:55.  The longest any team spent on course was 6:28, team Chemical Storm who were reported to be having a leisurely paddle.  Only 10 minutes seperated the top 5 teams, so the racing has only really started with the Stage 2 MTB.
  • Saturday 8:21pm – Teams arriving at CP4 today on the 24hr course Yabba Creek paddle.  This was also the location of one of the biking CPs for the 8hr teams.  From this point, 24hr teams had an option trek to two, low value check points, forcing an important strategical choice early in the race.


  • Saturday 8:15pm – All the teams are out on the second stage of the Rogue24 – a massive bike rogaine that could be up to 80km long.  There are plenty of route choices and navigational challenges on this leg.  Teams do have some luck on their side though – its a clear, mild and bright night with stunning fullish moon lighting up the landscape.  When will the first team arrive back at HQ, and what stories will they have to tell?
  • Saturday 8:10pm – Full results from the 8hr Rogue Adventuregaine can be downloaded here.
  • Saturday 8:07pm – The 8hr Rogue Adventuregaine has been run and won.  Congratulations to Team Mountain Designs who swept the course with 10 mins to spare, taking out the overall win and the win in the mixed category.  Second place over all and first mens team was Team Blowfish with Tri Adventure Vintage winning the all womens division in a very credible sixth place overall.  Full results to follow shortly.
  • Saturday 7:30pm – The 8hr teams have just been enjoying the awesome catering put on by Julia Mezger and Rachelle McMahon, with proceeds going to the charity organisation SecondBite.
  • Saturday 7:03pm – Team #13 are the last team to head out from the Kayak/Bike TA. Internet access is limited at the event HQ, so updates may be few are far between for the rest of the night.
  • Saturday 6:53pm – Some more photos from today have been uploaded. Check out the photo link below or here.
  • Saturday 6:38pm – All 24hr teams are now off the water, with just two team about to head out on the first mountain bike stage.
  • Saturday 6:29pm – All but one 24hr team has made it to the end of Stage 1, with team #21 – SCAR / GAEC in the lead with maximum points and a time of 3hr 47 minutes.
  • Saturday 2:52pm – Photos from today are being loaded up now.  Check out the photo link below or here.
  • Saturday 2:46pm – Tracking is slow to come up at the moment.  Reception is poor down in the valley that the teams are paddling along.  With luck, they will get reception when they come into town and be good to go from there.
  • Saturday 2:40pm – Fourth and fifth team to hit the water on the first kayak leg of the 24hr course.  While Yabba Creek isn’t in full flow at the moment, there should be enough water to make for some interesting and beautiful paddling.


  • Saturday 2:22pm – Maps have been loaded on the race website below, along with course descriptions.   See what the teams are in for (both 8hr and 24hr).
  • Saturday 2:13pm – News from the course were that a bunch of lead teams overshot CP1 on the 24hr course.  However, by CP4 SCAR / GAEC had hit the lead on the paddle.  Front runners are off trekking to optional CPs 5 and 6.  Some teams have  opted to drop one or both of these and paddle through.
  • Saturday 2:00pm – Sorry for the delays in updates.  Coms are poor at HQ.  More information to come shortly though!
  • Saturday 10:30am – The course flyover link is now live.  Check out the 24hr course here on YouTube
  • Saturday 10am –  8hr teams are off!  Teams heading towards all 4 points of the compass with bikes, paddles or on the run.  The calm before the storm as the 24hr teams mark up maps.
  • Saturday 7am –  Last check point has been hung.  It’s in a more public location, so lets hope its still there by tomorrow.


  • Saturday 5am – Teams will begin rolling in to HQ very shortly.  Not long now until its Go Time. For a preview of the contenders for this year’s title, check out the article here.  One addendum is the late entry of SCAR / GAEC which sees the pairing of former Rogue winner Dave Schloss and Guy Andrews.  These guys will give the podium a real shake.  We’re set for some fantastic competition.
  • Friday 9pm – With a fullish moon and clear skies, the nights have been bright at Imbil, which should help teams with navigation tomorrow evening.


  • Friday 8am – Make sure to keep an eye on the Rogue Team facebook page for additional highlights and news from the course. For competitors, a look back through some of the old FB posts may reveal some clues from the course….
  • Friday 8am -Additional pictures have been added to the pre-race photos section below, or here.
  • Thursday 1am – Photos from course setting have been added to the photo section of the live website.
  • Tuesday 4pm – Who’s racing?  Check out the competition here.  A number of teams have their own blog or facebook page.
  • Tuesday 3pm – Rogue24 Final Instructions for competitors released.
  • Tuesday 2pm – The race website has gone live. Stay tuned for more details.



A link to the live GPS tracking of 24hr Adventuregaine teams can be found here.



Full results from both the 8hr and 24hr Rogue Adventuregaine can be downloaded here: 2013 Rogue Results.

Team’s split times for each checkpoint can be found at either Rogue 8hr Split Times or Rogue 24hr Split Times.

A spreadsheet with the progressive stage scores of the 24hr teams as they moved through the course can be found here.



Team list can be found here.



Photos from course setting can be found here.

Photos from the race have been posted here.



Links to the 8hr Rogue maps will become available by 10am on Saturday, April 27.

Links to the 24hr Rogue maps will become available by 10am on Saturday, April 27.



A link to a 4 min flyover of the course can be found here.


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