The Rogue24 Final Instructions

A downloadable .pdf version of the following information can be found at the following link: Rogue24 Final Instructions


Thank you for your entry into the Rogue Adventuregaine in 2013.  The controls have been hung, the maps are at the printers and the final pieces of the organizational puzzle are coming together.  I hope your training has been going well as we have a challenging and spectacular course in store for you and I’d love for you to see as much of it as possible.  If the training hasn’t been so great, then never fear, the beauty of the Rogue course is that you pick and choose how much you want to do.

Below is the detailed information about the logistics of the race.  Please read over it carefully.  Much of this information has been made available prior to now, however there are number of important new points you will need to discuss with your team mates.


Timings – 24hr Course

Friday April 26, 2013

  • Camping available at race headquarters. Fees apply.

Saturday April 27, 2013

  • 8:30am                 Bike drop opens at Island Reach Campground, Imbil.
  • 9:30am                 Map/course handout at Race HQ.
  • 11:00am               Return indemnities forms and receive Navlight tags.
  • 11:45am               Final briefing.
  • 12:00 Noon         Event START.

Sunday April 28, 2013

  • 11:30am               Post race lunch begins.
  • 12:00 Noon         Event FINISH.
  • 12:30pm               Course closure and announcement of results.

Timings – 8hr Course

Friday April 26, 2013

  • Camping available at race headquarters. Fees apply.

Saturday April 27, 2013

  • 8:30am                 Map/course handout at Race HQ.
  • 9:30am                 Return indemnities forms and receive Navlight tags.
  • 9:45am                 Final briefing – come ready to race.
  • 10:00am               Event START.
  • 5:30pm                 Post race dinner begins.
  • 6:00pm                 Event FINISH.
  • 6:30pm                 Course closure and announcement of results.


Race Head Quarters

Race HQ for the Rogue24 will be at the Borumba Dam Campground at the end of Yabba Creek Road, approximately 20 min drive west of Imbil.  Competitors should make their way to Imbil, then follow the signs to Borumba Dam along the main road west out of town.  The campground is 1km before the Dam wall on your right.  For those of you using a GPS (shame on you), the address is 1484 Yabba Creek Road, Lake Borumb: -26.503145, 152.584863.

Ample camping and parking space is available at HQ.  Camping fees have been paid for competitors on the Saturday night only.  Those wishing to camp on the Friday night before, or the Sunday night after the race, or those brining friends and family will need to pay for their additional camping upon arrival (approximately $10 per adult).  Camp facilities include toilets, water, hot showers, camp fires, limited sheltered areas and some powered sites.  Bookings can be made on (07) 5488 6662.

HQ Directions

Teams in the 24hr event travelling to the race on the Friday night may also want to consider the Island Reach campground as an alternative.  This campground is located in the Imbil township and is the site of the bike drop location where you will need to go to first before collecting maps at Race HQ.  On Saturday morning, you could then leave your bike before travelling the final 20 minutes to the race.  A map link to the Island Reach Campground can be found here.  Bookings can be made on (07) 5484 5247.



A full team list can be found below.  You will need to know your team number for registration.

24hr Team List

8hr Team List


GPS Trackers

Teams on the 24hr course will be issued GPS trackers for live coverage of the race via the TrackMeLive system.  The Tracking Site will go live on Saturday morning, so be sure to send through the link to friends and family so they can follow your progress from home.

TrackMeLiveThe TrackMeLive system will send a signal approximately every one minute via the Telstra mobile network.  During testing a number of dark areas with poor signal were noted on the course, but the system should give a pretty good indication of how the action is unfolding.

Each tracker weighs in at only 65grams.  Teams are required to carry them in the top of their packs for best signal coverage and return them at the end of the race.


Live Coverage

During the race we’ll endeavour to get as much information about how the event is unfolding on the race website, which will go live later this week at  This will include links to the race maps, GPS tracking, photos, news, course flyover and progressive results.  In conjunction with the live tracking, it should make for a very interactive experience for online spectators.



The following list of compulsory equipment is to be carried by the team at all times:

  • Headlamp – one per person.
  • Whistle – one per person.
  • First aid kit – one per team – adequate for dealing with common injuries in the bush (cuts, sprains, breaks, bites, stings, blisters, etc).
  • Mobile phone – one per team.  Number to be provided to officials along with indemnity forms.  Water      proofed.  For use in an emergency.
  • Water – Means of carrying a minimum of 2L per person.
  • Mountain bike, Australian Standard approved helmet, front white light (headlamp is      sufficient) and red rear light –  one each per person.  Only required on Mountain Bike legs.

The above list is the bare minimum requirement of compulsory gear.  Everyone participating is an adult and is responsible for their own safety, and the safety of those around them.  Hence, it is strongly recommended that you carry additional gear, in particular:

  • Additional warm clothing of a wicking, thermal nature (top, bottom, beanie, jacket, etc).
  • Compass.
  • Gaiters.
  • Dry bag.
  • Additional first aid items.
  • Pocket knife.
  • Water purification tablets.
  • Bike pump, tubes, tyre levers, spare parts and mapboard.
  • Toilet paper.
  • Sunscreen and mosquito repellent and cash.

A number of items are forbidden, both during map preparation and race time, and teams found using these items to assist themselves will be classed as unranked:

  • Any form of GPS that displays location or distance travelled.
  • Altimeters.
  • Any other maps than those provided.


Bike Drop – 24hr Course Only

Competitors in the 24hr race will need to drop their bikes, bike shoes and helmets at the bike drop location prior to registering at race HQ.  Only one competitor needs to attend the bike drop.  Teams must also leave their transition area gear box at the bike drop location (more on this below).  The bike drop is at the Island Reach Campground, 5 Imbil Island Road, Imbil.  A map link is here.

The bike drop will not open until 8:30am.  Please follow the directions of the volunteers on site.  We have been allocated an area at the front of the camp ground for the bike drop.  Parking space is limited, as is the area for bike storage, so please take this into consideration upon arrival.  From the bike drop, it is approximately a 20 minute drive to race HQ.

Note that all 8hr team competitors must bring their bikes with them to race HQ.



Gear Boxes – 24hr Course Only

Teams in the 24hr race will also need to provide a single plastic gear box, no more than 50L in size, labelled with their team name.  These will be transported to various points on the course where teams will be able to access them at transition areas.  This gear box must be left at the bike drop location, packed and ready to go prior to registration.  Racers won’t see them again until during the race.

Competitors are strongly recommended to pack a full change of clothes and up to 8 – 10 hours worth of food in their gear box along with items required for mountain biking (bike shoes, lights, etc).  Water is available at all transition areas so will not be needed to be packed into gear boxes.

Racers are also advised to bring at least two pairs of running/trekking shoes with them to race HQ.  to clarify – do not leave any running shoes in your gear box at the bike drop.  Competitors will not be required to carry their trekking shoes while biking during the race.



Event specific maps have been produced with OCAD software using digital data and adjusted according to course vetting and satellite imagery where available:

24hr Course

  • An A2      Map, 1:30000, 5m contour interval
  • An A3      Map, 1:25000, 5m contour interval
  • An A3      Map, 1:25000, 5m contour interval

8hr Course

  • An A3      Map, 1:20000, 5m contour interval
  • An A3      Map, 1:30000, 5m contour internal

Duplicate copies of each map will be provided to every team so that both members can navigate if they wish.  Teams are also strongly advised to bring a map case or other means of waterproofing and protecting their maps, such as contact.


Two-man, sit-on-top plastic kayaks will be provided to all teams for use on the kayaking stages of the race.  These are the Voyager II Toyboy sit-on-tops for the 24hr competitors, with a different fleet of sit-on-top boats for the 8hr competitors.  Paddles and PFDs will also be provided, however competitors may bring their own racing paddles and PFDs if they wish.  Racers are also strongly advised to bring a piece of solid foam (eg. 40cm x 40cm x 10cm) for use as a seat to make the kayak more comfortable.


Water and Food

Drinking water is available at Race HQ, at all transition areas on the course, as well as water drops at additional points marked on the map.  There is also ample water available from natural sources, however teams are strongly advised to purify this prior to drinking.  There will also be a number of opportunities for teams in both the 8hr and 24hr events to resupply food during the race.


Charity Link

This year, a portion of the funds raised from the Rogue Adventuregaine will be donated to the charity organisation SecondBite. SecondBite focus on redistributing nutritious food that would otherwise go to waste to Australians in need. A worthy cause with a positive environmental impact.  Thanks rest with our awesome volunteers Rachelle McMahon and Julia Mezger for this initiative.



Scoring will be performed using the electronic Navlight Timing System.  Please advise officials at registration if you are unfamiliar with the use of this system.  Both team members will be required to wear wrist tags, and to visit the punch within 30 seconds of each other for the control to count towards their score.

The Rogue24 will adopt a traditional rogaine scoring format where each checkpoint will be assigned a certain score value.  To make it easier for competitors to follow the progression of stages in the course, CPs will be numbered numerically in order, with a score value in brackets afterwards.   For example, a CP3 from the first stage of the race may have a value of 50 points, while CP42 from a later stage might only have a value of 20 points.  In the event of a tied score, the team that finishes earlier will be ranked higher.

Teams arriving after the finish time will receive a penalty of 10 points per minute they are late or part thereof, up to 30 minutes.  At this point the course will be closed down and teams that have not finished will lose all points.


Prizes and Sponsors

Prizes have been generously donated by ARea51 and Ferno Engineering.  Keep an eye out for these guys on the course and make sure to thank them for their support of adventure racing in Queensland.  Trophies and prizes will be awarded to the first place getters in the mixed, female and male team categories for both the 24hr and 8hr courses.  A number of random draw spot prizes will also be awarded at the presentation ceremony.


Clues From The Course

Curious about the number of check points on the course?  Want to know how many stages there are for each of the 8hr and 24hr events?  What about some photos from course setting, or why it might be handy to pack a credit card or some cash?  These clues and other tidbits about the Adventurgaine can be found over at the team Rogue facebook page here.



As far as rogaines and adventure races go, both the 8hr and 24hr courses are very spectator friendly with multiple points along the course where it will be possible to view teams.  So make sure to invite family and friends along and make a weekend of it.  Of course, volunteering is another excellent way to be a spectator on the course.


Further Inquires.

Full information about the race can be found on the Rogue Team website and FaceBook page.  Event organiser Liam St Pierre can be contacted directly on 0405 728 128 or on 0487 588 628 in areas on the course where there is poor reception.  Alternatively email at

Look forward to meeting you at the Rogue24.


 Post Script – An Explanation of the Race for the Uninitiated

The Rogue Adventuregaine is a race where teams of two compete to collect as many checkpoints as possible over a set time period. The Rogue involves multiple stages of the traditional adventure racing disciplines of trekking, mountain biking and kayaking where teams must navigate through the course using a map and compass on a route of their own choice. Each stage is effectively its own small rogaine where competitors may attempt to collect as many or as few checkpoints as they wish, making this event achievable by all levels of athlete. Strategy, precise navigation and perseverance will play just as a significant role as raw fitness.

  • Date: 27th – 28th of April, 2013.
  • Option of either an 8hr or a 24hr course.
  • Teams of 2 competitors only.  Competitors must complete the course together (no relays).
  • There is a maximum of 50 team slots in the 24hr course and 28 teams in the 8hr course.
  • Mixed, female and male team categories.
  • Disciplines: Trekking, Kayaking (all equipment provided) and Mountain Biking.
  • Rogaine format – multiple legs of each discipline with all checkpoints optional.


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