2016 Rogue24 Will Explore D’Aguilar NP

BFP LakeNote about edits (29/11/15): After the original location announcement made in September, I have decided to move the race HQ venue for the 2016 Rogue24 Adventuregaine to Lake Manchester.  This decision was made for a combination of reasons: 1) the use of this venue allows for a course that I feel is more achievable for mid- to back-of-the-pack teams while still visiting all the best parts of the course, 2) I have secured a new section of land access that has never been used in a race before and should add to the navigational challenge and make for a more dynamic course and 3) the use of Lake Manchester also allows for a 6 hour course option within the organisation logistics in addition to the 24 hour course.  Changes that have been made are reflected on the Adventuregaine page of the Rogue Adventure website.  Finally, I’m pleased to announce that entries for the Rogue24 will open at 9am on Monday, 22 February 2016.  It is advised that you get in quickly as they are expected to sell out fast.


After receiving informal confirmation from the final permitting body today, I’m pleased to announce that the location of the 2016 Rouge24 course will be D’Aguilar National Park.  More specifically, race HQ will be the Day Use Area at Lake Manchester, which borders the national park right in Brisbane’s backyard.

TrailsWhilst this event location may be familiar to some competitors, I promise a course that will explore the best areas of the park, with access into some previously unexplored gems.  In describing the course, I would rate it as more of an adventure race style terrain as opposed to rogaine terrain, that is, the course is on average hillier with a significant trail network and with off trail travel generally being slower.  However all the strategy, route choice and stage options you have come to know from the Rogue24 will still be in place.  In past additions of the Rogue24, I have also strived for an even split in trekking, biking and kayaking.  On paper, this will be one of the physically toughest Rogue courses to date for those teams looking for top honours.

CreekHikeFor the 2016 race there will be both a 24 hour and a 6 hour course option, with available places limited to 50 teams for each course.  Note that places for the 24 hour course in 2015 sold out in 10 hours, so teams that are interested in racing are advised to get in early when entries open on 22 February, 2016.  For those that miss out, note there will be the Mojo-Rogue 6/12hr in August 2016.

In the final protracted permit wash up, and after trying my hardest, I was not able to have a short swimming leg included as an option for the 2016 race.  I’m sure most racers will be glad to hear that anyway.  Competitors will still have the opportunity to get nice and wet and in the interim I’ll put my thinking cap on for other quality mystery discipline alternatives for future events.

Full details on the race have been updated on the Adventuregaine site.  Best of luck in your training and I look forward to seeing you on the trails!

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