GeoQuest is Almost Here

2012 GeoQuest

Dave Schloss and Liam St Pierre at GeoQuest 2012

This weekend sees the 12th running of my favourite race, the GeoQuest 48hr AR.  This year's addition heads to Harrington on the NSW central coast and Rogue have a team entered – I'll be lining up with Dave Schloss and Leo Theoharis and we'll be joined for the first time by Lucas Gamble.  Between us all we have 12 GeoQuests under the belt.  Goal wise, we'll be heading down with the usual aim of racing to the best of our ability and minimising mistakes and we'll see where that gets us on the leader board.

It's exciting to see a number of teams with friends from QLD heading down to the race, including Team Thorzt, Team Explore, Team Cyclezone Mooloolaba and Team Mountain Designs, so be sure to check in on these teams during the race.  Team Mountain Designs in particularly are looking strong and are real podium contenders, but will have their work cut out for them with Team Macpac the definite pre-race favourites, and Team Outer Limits Adventure Fitness also entered with a super competitive line up.

We are racing as team # 41 and there will be GPS tracking of the race which should go live on the event website here soon.  If you've ever thought of giving a longer race a crack, this is definitely one to consider.  It is certainly one of the more “adventurous” feeling races I've done, with the requirement for a support crew, teams of 4, the use of your own boats, the NSW central coast locations and the more linear format which has been adopted recently means that you can explore some pretty cool areas.

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