Adventure Junkie Up The Ante

Adventure Junkie

Exciting news on the Adventure Racing front with a whole swag of new races entering the 2012 calendar courtesy of the relatively new events company Adventure Junkie. Staging races in and around the Melbourne area, Adventure Junkie ran both an 8hr and a 24hr adventure race in 2011. According the Adventure Junkie Website, these races will make a return in 2012, along with a bunch of new events including a 24hr MTB navigational based race, a 2 day staged navigational trekking race, a 12hr Dusk to Dawn style AR and a sprint AR.

Indeed, looking at the format of Adventure Junkie’s races, navigation appears to be a strong element in all of their events, which is promising. Personally, their 24hr AR looks the most appealing event and may be an alternative option for an interstate race this year given the clash between the Darkside 18hr race in QLD and Max24 in NSW on the same date. The X-marathon 24hr AR is for teams of two (a logistically convenient format) and plugs a gap in the calendar in December when there is little racing going on. The only real logistical hurdle for interstate racers is that competitors may need to provide their own boats. Entry fees seem pretty reasonable and there are cash prize pools on offer, so the races should hopefully attract a strong field. Regardless, it is great to see more AR events on the Australian calendar.


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