2014 Expedition Race Calendar

Since Geocentric Outdoors have taken over management of the world series at the end of 2011, expedition adventure racing has seen a resurgence internationally not matched since the early era of Eco Challenge and Primal Quest.  This is evidenced by very competitive world championship races in recent times attracting a plethora of top teams from around the globe, the introduction of a relevant world ranking system, standardization of the equipment lists in the world series and even a move towards same nationality teams in world championship events.  It would also appear that qualifying races on the world series are witnessing an international boost, with elite teams such as Seagate, Thule, Haglofs Silva and Tecnu travelling overseas multiple times a year in a bid to bolster their world series rankings.  To top it off, expedition racing is now becoming more accessible to the general public through the Wild Racers series of documentaries.

arwsAs a spectator of adventure racing it is also encouraging to see the standard of online reporting for events is also increasing, with most races these days having an excellent live GPS tracking system of teams coupled with online reporting through sites such as Sleepmonsters and other social media outlets.  To this end, I’ve drawn together a calendar of all the expedition races that will be running in 2014 throughout the world for your viewing pleasure.  These are not just races that are members of the World Series but also stand alone events, particular within North America and the European AR Series.  And who knows, perhaps something might catch your eye and the next minute you’ll be emailing team mates and booking flights.

(Note, for the purposes of this list, an expedition race has been defined as being 3 or more days long, non-stop, requiring navigation, in teams with two or more disciplines).


Desafio AysenDesafio Aysen
January 13-18


Raid360Raid 360
February 4-9
Facebook.  AR Euro Series Memeber

Maya Mountain ChallengeMaya Mountain Adventure Challenge
February 13-16

Sea2SeaARSea 2 Sea Adventure Race
United States of America
February 13-16
Facebook.  USARA National Champs Member


GODzone-LogoGODZone Adventure Race
New Zealand
March 7-15
Facebook.  World Series Member


Portugal XPDPortugal XPD Race
April 16 – 20
AR Euro Series Member

Lycian ChallengeLycian Challenge Adventure Race
April 29 – May 4
Facebook.  AR Euro Series Member


EExpeditionAfricaxpedition Africa
South Africa
May 23 – June 1
Facebook.  World Series Member


Corsica RaidCorsica Raid Adventue
Corsica (France)
June 7-11
Facebook. AR Euro Series Member

Red Fox Adventure RaceRed Fox Adventure Race
June 12-15
Facebook. AR Eurox Series Member

Untamed New England2Untamed New England
United States of America
June 16-22
Facebook.  World Series Member

Adventure Race SloveniaAdventure Race Slovenia
June 20-22
Facebook.  AR Euro Series Member


CowboyToughCowboy Tough Expedition Race
United States of America
July 17-20
Facebook.  USARA National Champs Member

EnduranceQuestEndurance Quest Adventure Race
July 21-27
Facebook.  World Series Member.


IteraItera Adventure Race
August 9- 16
Facebook.  World Series Member

ExpeditionIdahoExpedition Idaho
United States of America
August 9-16

CCzech Adventure Racezech Adventure Race
Czech Republic
August 20-25
Facebook.  AR Euro Series Member


MotherlodeGold Rush Mother Lode
United States of America
September 10-14
Facebook.  World Series Member

Raid In FranceRaid In France
September 13-21
Facebook.  World Series Member

EcomotionProEcomotion Pro
September 19-28
Facebook.  World Series Member


WildsideARWildside Adventure Race
October 4-12


November 7-19.
Facebook.  World Series Member


The above list only covers expedition adventure races running in 2014.  Note that many races take a rest for intermittent periods of time.  Other notable expedition races not running this year, but which should hopefully make a return in the future include:

World Series Races

AR Euro Series Races

Miscellaneous Races


With over 20 expedition races running all over the world this year, there is plenty of adventure to be had.  If I’ve missed anything or made a mistake, feel free to drop me a line in the comments section below.  It is interesting to note that Asia is poorly represented when it comes to expedition races, however China does have a number of big money stage races (for example the Wenzhou Outdoor Challenge) that attracts a top competitive international field.

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