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The Rogue is set to go Urban!  Introducing an all new race to the 2013 calendar, the Urban Rogue will be a 3 hour metrogaine in the Brisbane CBD and surrounding suburbs.  Come experience the city Friday night lights, where you and up to four other team mates will navigate to collect as many check points as possible in a 3 hour time limit.  Set at a time to capitalise on the cooler summer evening temperatures, this course is achievable by all levels of athlete.  Whether you’re out for a casual stroll with the family or one of the city’s elite runners, you chose as much or as little of the course that you want to do.

Full details on the race can be found below.  Only basic navigational skills are required (equivalent to a street directory map with no street names printed).  The Urban Rogue is sponsored by Wildfire Sports who are supporters of rogaining in QLD and have generously provided a range of excellent spot prizes.  Also, keep an eye out for the “special categories” for an unusual twist on proceedings.

Note: A PDF version of this information can be downloaded here: Urban Rogue Information.

Brisbane Night View

Date:                     Friday, 6th of December, 2013.

Location:             Start/Finish location is Victoria Park on Gilchrist Avenue, Herston.  There is ample metered on-street parking, as well as a Kings Car Park up the road.  Public toilets are available, as well as limited sheltered areas (recommended to bring your own shelter if a summer storm is predicted).  There is no power available.


Length:                 3 Hours.

Timings:             Novice briefing ——————–6:00pm

.                                Map handout ———————- 6:10pm

                               Final briefing ———————- 6:55pm

.                                Event Start ————————- 7:00pm

.                                Event Finish/Presentations — 10:00pm

Cost:                      $20 / person.  Juniors (under 15 y.o.) compete free.

Entries:                Entries can be made at the QRA website here.

Map:                      A3 colour, 1:16000.  One per competitor.

Format:                Q and A type check points (CPs) with a traditional rogaine scoring format.  See the QLD Rogaine Association Website for more details if you are unfamiliar with how a rogaine works.  For an example map, see here.

Team size:          2 to 5 competitors.

Catering:             A post-race meal and drink at the presentation ceremony included.

Prizes:                  Spot prizes have been generously donated by Wildfire Sports.  Be sure to check them out online for all of your pre-race sporting apparel and adventure gear needs.

Wildfire Sports

Categories:         Along with the traditional Mixed, Mens and Womens team categories, the Urban Rogue will have two additional special categories.

1) “Urban Rogue Juniors”, for any team with a junior (under 15) competitor on it.

2) “Urban Rogue on Wheels”.  This category is open to teams using any form of non-motorised transport with wheels, except for bicycles.  For example, teams in this category could use roller skates, skateboards, kick bikes, unicycles, roller blades, scooters, strollers, wheelchairs, etc.  Bicycles are not permitted.  If you are unsure whether you qualify for this category, email me to find out.

Equipment:        Teams will be required to bring a torch or headlamp to read the map and a couple of marker pens to record their answers to the CPs.    They will also need a digital camera or a phone capable of taking photos for a special check point.  A compass, water bottle and means of protecting your maps and answer sheet (eg A3 plastic sleeve) are also strongly recommended.  A calculator to work out your score at the end of the race would also be handy.

Other Rules:      The course must be completed as a team together (no relays) and members are not allowed to separate.  The use of smart phones, GPS devices, etc is not permitted, nor working with other teams to collect answers.  Teams are not allowed to use any private or public transport.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at  While you’re at it, make sure to check out the other Rogue Adventure Races we have planned for 2014, but until then, I look forward to catching you in December when the Rogue goes Urban.

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