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XPDThe XPD course is due to be revealed very shortly, and while I unfortunately won’t be racing, needless to say I’m still very excited.  As an avid follower of expedition races in the AR World Series, keeping tabs on events is becoming increasingly easier thanks to a combination of social media and live GPS tracking.  In a sign of the times, incredibly 19 of the 30 teams at XPD have their own facebook page and are currently posting photos and updates in the final moments of preparation.  Tied in with GPS tracking technologies and news updates from the race website itself, along with frequent blogs on sites such as Canadian Breathe Magazine and reports from SleepMonsters, expedition races are now a truly an interactive spectator sport.

XPD TeamsAs a quick form guide, I’ll go out on a limb and say Mountain Designs (QLD), Outer Limits (interstate) and Bivouac Colts (NZ) are the top 3 teams to be pushing the lead.  However, this is expedition racing and anything can happen – strong teams can fall over while dark horses rise to the top.  Best of luck to all the teams as they start their XPD journey, particularly Rogue team mates Rebecca Wilson joining Outer Edge Racing and Leo Theoharis racing with team Mountain Designs.

Full links to the different facebook pages from the XPD team list can be found below so you can get the inside scoops.  Keep a tally on the obligatory “pile of race food” photo shot, the obligatory “stack of bike boxes and gear boxes” shot as well as the obligatory “team arm-in-arms” shot.

XPD Team List

Bear Hunt

Outer Limits (plus team blog here).

Real Discovery (plus team blog here).

Hamish and the Wheelbarrow

Ongoing Concern



Mountain Designs (plus team blog here).


Ekky Thump

Coulda Woulda Shoulda

Vicious and Delicious



Team Osprey Packs

Rubicon (plus team blog here).



Team PHAROS (plus team blog here).

That’s Cray

Outward Bound Australia

Fully Rad to the Power of Sick


Soldier On


S.A. Ambulance


Outer Edge Racing

Team Bivouac Colts

CYCO Girls On Top (plus team blog here).

plus race organisers Geocentric Outdoors.

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